Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yahoo Search Still Not Listening to 301 Redirects

We just found out that Yahoo! has indexed a non-canonical version of one of my domains, despite the fact that this non-canonical domain has been 301-redirected to the canonical domain since inception. So, despite a 301 redirect from example.com to www.example.com that actually predates the DNS going live ten years ago, Slurp has "inferred" this non-www domain and is now showing it and linking to it in their search result.
In fact, many sites are suffering from good rankings in Yahoo, because of this canonical domain issue
Generly Canonicalization makes no difference. All this time people are chasing their tails worried about being penalized by the big ‘G’ for canonicalization issues.

They even have some really neat appandments to their search result with other internal pages directly linked from their listing and a ‘more results from this site’ link. Google apparently really likes this site!!

But while we talking about yahoo its totaly diffrent Yahoo Search is not always listening to a simple 301 redirect.

Two very senior members discuss the issue, saying they both have 301 redirects from the non www version to the www version. Because Yahoo indexed both, the site will likely be delisted from the index, according to one senior member.

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