Saturday, December 6, 2008

Firms 'should invest in search engine optimisation to beat credit crunch'

Small companies struggling to cope in the current economic conditions should invest in search engine optimisation (SEO), an expert has said.

According to Mike Tekula from Build a Skill, while firms may be seeking to reduce their internet marketing budgets, they should not overlook the benefits of SEO.

He stated that putting resources into online marketing, such as SEO, offers a number of advantages, the British Computer Society reports.

Mr Tekula added that it is cheaper than many other strategies and offers a higher return on investment.

The industry practitioner went on to state: "For most small businesses, SEO is new. Some have considered it, perhaps even done a bit of research on the topic, but haven't yet invested in it."

Meanwhile, research recently conducted by Nielsen Online and the Internet Advertising Bureau in Australia suggested that internet marketing contributes to brand building and enhances consumers' intentions to purchase products and services.

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