Sunday, December 7, 2008

Microsoft rolls out 'Win with Search' contest

BANGALORE, INDIA: Software giant Microsoft today rolled out a fun way to search for your information online with a new contest on the 'Live' search engine called - "Win with Search".

Every time a user makes a search query, there will be a roll of the dice on the page and the first user to get the number 6 on both die within a 10-minute interval wins mobile talk time worth Rs. 100, said a press release.

As a bonanza, every ten minutes, a random search user who checks out the innovative Live Search experience would be picked and would also win talk time for the same amount. The contest refreshes every 10 minutes, thus ensuring that there is a prize up for grabs throughout the day, it added.

Rashi Srivastava, consumer and online marketing officer, Microsoft India said, "Like most things in life, search is also something we tend to get comfortable doing a certain way. However, given a choice, consumers would like to experiment with a smarter, more fun way to search! 'Win With Search' is intended to do exactly this."

He said it encourages consumers to try a far more personalized, richer Live Search that would greatly improve their search experience, at the same time bringing back the fun quotient.

Live Search aims to bring back the spark to consumer's search experiences and was recently updated with new smart features such as Image Search and Video Search.

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