Monday, December 8, 2008

Seminar on recent areas of development in SEO/ Search Engine Optimization field

Web Search USA organized a seminar at the company's conference hall last Friday. The forum of discussion headed, 'recent areas of development in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)'. Speakers included top officials of the company as well as upcoming young workforce of the house.

The presiding speaker of the seminar initiated the motion with a brief introduction of SEO services of the company. He said “the prime aim of any Search Engine Optimization exercise is to create and increase traffic and draw maximum visitors with the help of various ethical yet modern strategies”. Subsequently, the theme of latest updates in the world SEO was touched upon.

The speakers, one by one, presented their speeches, with all of them, by and large, agreeing to the fact that the company profile needs to be beefed up by the newest developments in the concerned area. The areas mainly discussed included mostly various Social Media Optimization (SMO) tools. These encompassed areas like blogging, microblogs, wikis, discussion forums, and social networking. A means to increase the linkability of the website, social media stresses on relevant tagging and bookmarking to services like Reddit, Digg,, etc. Usage of blogs, vblogs, weblogs forums and podcasts in social media can ideally prove helpful to optimize a website.

As the discussion came to a close, the speakers unanimously harped on the fact that these SMO tools are the determining factors in developing the SEO standards of the company. They are necessarily equipped with back links which enable any reader or browser to visit the website, thus increasing the traffic and earning higher SEO rankings in leading search engines.

The seminar was a successful one in terms of a united outlook presented by one and all attendees which would perhaps be hugely helpful in strengthening the SEO prospects of the company.

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