Thursday, December 11, 2008

Search Engine Marketing Solution, Launched by ActivEngage

The ActivEngage provider of proactive live chat for dealer websites, has launched its new low cost laser-targeted search engine marketing for dealerships, with its ActivSEM.

During the current challenging economic period, ActivEngage offers dealers this value-added service to help increase website traffic, lead generation and sales. Dealers can now maximize online search, without any significant increase in spending, and with ongoing analysis to continuously improve results.

Peter Wilson, Owner of Orlando Infiniti remarked, ''We have seen a significant increase in our website traffic and our lead generation since we began using ActivSEM. The boost in traffic and leads couldn't come at a better time. ActivEngage is putting money back into our dealership and the results have been phenomenal. They are genuinely trying to help our dealership, and it's working.''

ActivSEM targets automotive consumers who have the highest conversion rates and tracks the keywords used in automotive searches that end in live chat at the dealership website. Monitoring the search terms used by consumers who ultimately engage in chat is more valuable then merely measuring click-through rates, because site visitors who engage in chat have much higher sales conversion rates. In addition, as many dealerships decrease their online marketing spending, the dealerships who continue search marketing have the advantage of less competition. This special offer will help keep dealers in front of consumers on the Internet at a low cost, only $99 per month plus ad costs. ActivEngage will manage dealerships' SEM budget and make continuous adjustments to increase traffic, leads and sales.

Ted Rubin, co-founder of ActivEngage remarked, ''We are not offering this additional service to make money. We're offering it to help our dealers increase qualified web traffic, which has declined for many dealers in the current economic environment. ActivSEM is available to dealerships at our cost and dealers can be sure that no money is wasted because we track and monitor all results. We want to make sure that our dealers thrive, even during this difficult time and we are committed to doing everything we can to help dealers succeed.''

ActivEngage's proprietary business logic was designed in dealerships to meet the needs of sophisticated automotive shoppers. It laser targets each website visitor with the exact right message at the exact right time to get them to take action. The system has been strenuously tested for every type of dealership. It works because the company founders have over 30 years of retail automotive and technology experience, giving ActivEngage a true 360 degree understanding of the needs of automotive shoppers. Partnering with ActivEngage increases lead generation and offsets the increasing marketing costs associated with the sale of new and pre-owned automobiles. ActivEngage offers three tiers of service to ensure that all website visitors' experiences are enjoyable and uncomplicated, thereby increasing the value of dealership websites through better lead generation.

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