Monday, December 8, 2008

The Future Of Internet Marketing

Search Personalization, Google’s Search Wiki, and Universal Search results are all things that have led people like Bruce Clay and others to say Rankings are Dead. In response, Matt Cutts says, “2009 is a year in which you can’t just think of your self as an SEO, like my job is to rank one web page for one phrase.”

Social media sites are expanding and are becoming increasingly aware of their networks being exploited for profit and are responding with tightening their networks and pushing highly sophisticated advertising models.

Mobile communication is pushing the expansion of a mobile web with new ad opportunities and content standards. Along with the expansion of the mobile web, micro-blogging has exploded as both an outlet for content and a new communication medium.

New advertising models mean that companies will continue to put advertisers first and thus put more effort into minimizing marketers ability to game the system with strategies like SEO.

All of these changes mean that internet marketers can no longer rely on one strategy to promote themselves and or clients. This is not to say that each individual aspect of internet marketing has lost significance, but rather there is now a need to diversify techniques across all aspects of internet marketing.

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