Saturday, November 1, 2008

Search Engine Marketing

Now a days many organization and companies want to draw the client and capture the buyers by simple and easy way. So they make their websites, for attract web visitor and and trying to get unique and quality visitors to their site for getting maximum traffic and increasing sales.

Search engine marketing is the only way to increase traffic and attract visitors to the targeted destination. Search engine optimization is the initial and primary step for search engine marketing which includes website and web page optimization, search engine and directory submission, pay per click analysis.

Basically search engine optimization is the most important and vital process of web promotion of any website. without considering a nice optimization it is almost impossible to draw a large volume of traffic towards the website. According to my own points of view " search engine optimization is the process of making website search engine friendly". After a healthy work of optimization a website will be alive otherwise sites will be considered as complete wastes. This means not only waste of website but it is directly related with money, time and lastly but not least that is targeted traffic. Here targeted traffic or unique visitors means those valuable user, who directly affect the sales.

Other steps of search engine marketing is always carried after initial search engine marketing. Search engine marketing strategy, pay per click campaign and paid promotion campaigns, traffic analysis report, ROI reports and positioning analysis report are the other processes of search engine marketing.

SEO Head
Ritesh Jha

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